About Us

  1. We are, first and foremost, a fun, social group for women. Our members are all new residents of West Vancouver, and have joined the club to enjoy activities in their new community and meet new friends.
  2. We hold a monthly general meeting, usually held on the first Tuesday evening of each month. We are lucky to often have a speaker providing us with local information. For example, our speakers have included the Mayor of West Vancouver, an emergency preparedness expert, local historians and wildlife experts. During the evening there is always an opportunity to chat with other members and new friends over a cup of tea/coffee or glass of wine.
  3. Each month we arrange club-organized activities, some of which are open to partners. There are day and evening activities reflecting the interests of the members: some current activities include Book Club, Casual Dinner Out,  Breakfast Club, Bacchus wine-tasting, Potluck Lunch and Hiking. We encourage members to get involved and participate in both the enjoyment and organisation of the activities.
  4. We also organise Special Events/Outings depending on what is happening in the community.  Previously we have organised visits to craft fairs, botanical gardens, theatre evenings, historical walking tours, and activities such as snow-shoeing and kayaking, among others.
  5. There is a membership fee payable on joining the group and all members receive a monthly email newsletter which outlines the month’s activities.
  6. West Vancouver Newcomers Club BY-LAWS
  7. The Newcomers’ Club format was introduced to Canada in Calgary over 50 years ago.  West Vancouver Newcomers’ Club is a member of the National Newcomers Association Canada


About You

If you’re new to West Vancouver……and you want an opportunity to meet other women who are also new to West Van, to exchange ideas and information, or to get involved in some fun activities……..email us to get more information.